CHROMOTHERAPY Square 500mm Triple Flow Concealed Head

These shower heads have been designed to give you all the benefit of chromotherapy – with 2 set programs designed to either relax or energise your well being. The remote control can also be used to set any one of the nine colours to run constantly to enhance your showering experience. The set program colour sequence lasts 4 minutes and a solid colour runs for 10 minutes. These can both be re-set at a touch of a button.

Product Details
CHROMOTHERAPY Square 500mm triple flow concealed head

Requires minimum 3 bar pressure.
Comes with mounting frame.
Triple function:
Rain @ 12.9 l/m
Waterfall @ 17.1 l/m
Spray mist @ 8.2 l/m

Product Code: 1966064

Price inc VAT:

Polished Steel Finish    £4795
Special Finishes   £5755


All finishes 6-8 week delivery

Technical Download
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